Garden And Lawn Services

Lawn Care And Mowing

Even the most basic task of mowing your own grass can prove very tedious!

Hedge Trimming

Professional Gardening Services can transform any leafy mess into an immaculate hedge!


Our experts are available in any season to help you with maintaining your garden and keep it in a blooming condition!


Dreaming of a lawn full of blooming flowers or a nice little fruit and veggies garden? Let us know what is it that you long for and leave the rest to our experts!

Garden Maintenance

Our seasonal garden maintenance includes:

  • Selected planting of plants
  • Pruning of roses and fruit trees

Our optional garden maintenance includes:

  • Instant Lawn and Irrigation
  • Installation of treated hedging and stepping stones
  • Planting winter and summer colour seedlings
  • Lawn fertiliser and lawn dressing
  • Plant fertiliser and compost
  • Pest treatment and control

Garden And Lawn Services

About us


We provide full and comprehensive services in irrigation, landscape, maintenance, and professional tree care management.

We provide our customers with quality plants and trees.

Our lawn care team is trained not only to meet customer expectations but to exceed them in every way possible!

Melissa Roman a founder of Melissas Garden and a professional gardener